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Why You Should Hire Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding for Construction Work

South East Scaffold Ltd is a proud Guildford-based scaffolding company. From our yard, we provide all kinds of scaffolding services, as well as cherry picker hire, to customers in and around the local area and throughout South East England. As a business, we specialise in the following core services:

  • Commercial Construction Scaffolding

  • Roof Access Scaffolding

  • Building Site Scaffolding

  • Industrial Access Scaffolding

Whether you need temporary roof scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, industrial scaffolding or new build scaffolding, make sure you get in touch with us. Once you’ve reached out, we can begin designing your bespoke scaffolding installation and arrange for it to be delivered to your location. If you would like to see examples of our work, including roof access scaffolding and industrial access scaffolding, please visit our gallery page.

With our experience as a professional scaffolding company, we are passionate about what we do and understand the true value of scaffolding when used for construction. Whether it’s domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding or industrial scaffolding, we would like to share the key benefits of using it for any construction work.


Enhanced Accessibility

First and foremost, building site scaffolding offers excellent ease of access to any part of a structure for our Guildford customers. This is particularly useful when working on mid-height to high-rise buildings where ladders simply don’t cut it. Whether it’s temporary roof scaffolding or new build scaffolding, having convenient access to all areas of a building allows construction workers to work more efficiently. Ultimately, this helps cut down the time needed to complete a project.

Safe and Sturdy Work

As anyone who’s ever carried out a risk assessment on one will tell you, construction sites are rife with safety hazards. It’s for this reason that on-site personnel are trained to be safety-conscious and wear the appropriate protective clothing. Besides access, domestic and commercial construction scaffolding is essential in guaranteeing workplace safety. In our time as a scaffolding company, we’re well aware of the dangers associated with working at heights, and this serves as a major driver for the work we do. Thanks to our scaffolding services, construction workers can use our safe and sturdy platforms to work with confidence, knowing they’re in good hands.

Easy Installation

When it comes to managing a construction project, time is always a precious commodity. From budgeting to inadequate resources and planning permission, there’s a whole host of factors that can delay the progress of the job. However, when you hire a scaffolding company like South East Scaffold Ltd for work in and around Guildford, you can be confident we’ve got it under control. Whether it’s industrial scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, new build scaffolding or temporary roof scaffolding, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver, install, dismantle and remove all scaffolding with great efficiency. This helps our clients get started on their projects as quickly as possible and allows them to focus on other, more challenging elements of the construction work.

Call South East Scaffold Ltd on 07748 680365 or 01483 399 306 for all your domestic, industrial and commercial scaffolding needs, including new build scaffolding in the Guildford area.
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